It's pretty easy to lose track of time living in a place that doesn't really give you the markers of seasons. Summer is really just getting started here in Oakland, but that mostly means that I don't have to wear a jacket at night. I don't know if you know, but summer is my favorite time of year.

I've been working very hard on a lot of different projects lately, but I've also been feeling a little bit lost as to what all of this work is going towards. I imagine that many of ya'll feel this way as well, at least occasionally. I'm starting to think that the only thing that matters is continuing down the path as powerfully and sincerely as possible. It's important to use the energy that we have. There are very real and intense changes happening in the world around us in 2k15, and I'm excited to see those changes through. This is all very vague, I know, but that's why we make this Rock & Roll.

I've been blown away at the response so far to Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything. It's very moving to have folks responding to this record. I also released a solo album called Real Life Rock & Roll on Rainbow Pyramid. The studio practice has become very intuitive and rapid. Upcoming there will be another solo album called I AM HAPPY WHEN I AM MOVING, out on Constellation Tatsu in October, as well as a new collaborative album with Seth Chrisman, out on Phinery. There are several other projects in the works as well including releases from Yung100 and a new project called Andrew Weathers & the Real Life Rock & Roll Band.

The AW Ensemble is going on tour in the south east US in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to these shows & to seeing a bunch of folks I haven't seen a minute. You'll find the dates to the right. Thanks for checking this out, & as always get in touch about mixing & mastering, shows, the future, anything you want.