Hope that you've been well. 2k14 is off to a great start. A lot's been going on at AWHQ. I've been playing shows with a new band called Talk More, continuing to work on collaborations with Seth Chrisman and Sun Hammer, and on new solo & Ensemble material.

Released today is a project that's been in the works for a while, a collection of remixes of pieces from What Happens When We Stop. The remix album is available on bandcamp as a pay-what-you-can download & it's also included in purchase of the original album. That's Andrew Marino's photography on the cover. He took that picture in my old neighborhood in Oakland when he came to visit a few years back. I'm very grateful to the folks that put the time in to make remixes. Some of my best friends are in this collection.

As always, I'm available for mastering work, shows, & hangs of all kinds. Just shoot me an email. Be on the look out for new releases on Lifelike Family & Scissor Tail Editions. Stay boosted, stay positive. We all disappear eventually so do the best work you can until then.