I hope that you've all had a good summer. Between tour & the mind-melting Texas heat, I am simultaneously living ecstatically & barely keeping it together. I've been reading Rebecca Solnit's history of walking Wanderlust & have been seriously enjoying it. I've always been a walker & have considered walking an important, though abstracted, part of my practice & life. I've been thinking a lot lately about the Black Lives Matter protests in Oakland, about walking in the streets and highways in one of the most crowded urban areas in the US. Solnit puts it well in discussing protests of the first Gulf War in San Francisco: "when public spaces are eliminated, so ultimately is the public; the individual has ceased to be a citizen capable of experiencing and acting in common with fellow citizens." The things that damage us & dehumanize us are multi-faceted, intersectional, and subtle. Human-scaled space, like the right to live ecstatically, does belong to everyone even if we have to reclaim it.

Back in June, Oxtail Recordings released a tape by my new trio Tender Crust. The band is kind of like the Full Spectrum house band, Carl Ritger & Gretchen Korsmo round it out. The band name is a regional brand of budget bread products & the B-side takes its name from a small salsa brand. I put the remaining copies of the theory of Real Life Rock & Roll in my bandcamp store. There are only a few copies remaining, so definitely grab it if you're interested in the more esoteric aspects of what I do. I produced & mastered a new series of archival electronic music for Other Minds records that you can find on the new OM Bandcamp page. The Jerry Hunt album is particularly worth checking out, in my opinion. This past week I finished the audio for my album with poet tanner menard. With any luck, that'll see the light of day soon.

I often feel at a loss about what to do about the fascists literally dismantling the world around us. In an effort to encourage folks to support organizations doing the direct work that is necessary, I'd like to put something forward. Make a donation to RAICES Texas, or your local group occupying ICE headquarters and let me know & I will make a piece for you. It won't be anything that ever ends up on an album, it's just a piece for you. There's only so much I can do or donate as an individual, but collectively we can make a world in which the most wealthy nation isn't an inhumane monster.

I'm headed out on the road at the end of the month with the wonderful Noodleboy. I'll be doing solo sets at some of the shows & playing in the Noodleboy band, I'm truly looking forward to it. I don't get to play in other people's bands enough. I'm also doing a couple of Texas shows with my new duo Satin Spar & I'm in the beginning stages of booking a run on the east coast in October/November. You'll find dates for it all at the bottom. Get in touch if you'd want to do a show if I'm coming out your way.

Thanks as always, I appreciate you reading this far. Hope to see you down the road, hopefully walking. I'm always available for mixing & mastering work if you need it. Go in peace & power.