Happy New Year Everybody. I hope that you're all settling into Dreams & Visions 2k18 well. Somehow the days are infinitely long and gone in a flash. This past week, a couple of new tunes were released. My utopian avant-garde emo band Real Life Rock & Roll had a split with more eaze on their new label Hard Fun. Both sides envision a future of Americana, or something close to it. My noise duo with Hey Exit put out our third album on Lurker Bias called It Bows By Day. The A-side was recorded simultaneously without monitoring in Brooklyn & Oakland during the full moon of July 2016. The B-side was recorded together in person in March 2017.

Full Spectrum has a new weekly radio show over on the very radical radio.computer. It airs every Sunday at 1pm CST with interviews & mixes from the FS crew.

At the end of February I'll be touring with CJ Boyd in the southwest & hitting a lot of places I've never played before. You'll find dates at the bottom of this email. I'm also in the beginning stages of booking a west coast tour in June - get in touch if you'd like to do something. I'll be doing a set of pieces for video and electric guitar. Video is something completely new for me, & it's been satisfying to not really know what I'm doing at all.

In the coming months, there should be a new tape from Tender Crust, a trio with Radere & Gretchen Korsmo. Other than that, I will be here in Texas tearing down walls & putting up new ones. I mean that literally and metaphorically. Thanks for checking out the music & thanks for keeping up. Get in touch for mixing & mastering, your new jams, and anything else.