Happy Autumn, I guess! You guys know that I love summer & I always hate to see it go. But time fractures infinitely & never cease, so we have to deal. Summer 2k17 did not disappoint. I got to go to a lot of places I had never been, played a lot of good music, met new people, & deepened the connection with the people I love. Here's a quick update on some recent activities.

Back in July, a tape called Rock & Roll Can & Will Heal Us came out on Peter J. Wood's FTAM label. Peter is one of my favorite artists, he's a musician, a performance artist & an organizer. I'm grateful that he wanted to release my work. The tunes on here are exceptionally blissed out & hopefully uplifting.

Last month, my label Full Spectrum put out Mojave Between Ludlow and Needles as a part of our Editions Littlefield sub-label. Eight tracks of dusty acoustic guitar tunes. In my mind, this one is a follow up to Littlefield from 2015. I know that this music is sometimes hard to parse out, & that's kind of the point. We've got some exciting things going on over at Full Spectrum. I'm biased, but that is music worth checking out.

Today I finished the follow-up to Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything. I'm exceptionally excited about this music, & I hope that you all hear it soon. More on this soon, but in 2k17 I'll be on the road as much as possible. I want to play everywhere, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm hoping to hit the remaining lower 48 that I've not played in yet, & you know me, I will go anywhere to play rock & roll.

I hope that you're well, don't hesitate to get in touch about mixing, mastering, your tunes, secrets you're holding, questions you have, recommended recipes, book suggestions (anyone got some forward thinking mycology books??), reminders, favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, stories, etc. Thanks for your interest & support. I am working hard out here & I'm lucky to have folks who are interested in what I do.