I'm only one month into my attempt at monthly newsletter & I'm sending them out late. Between the election of a bigoted fascist and the corresponding uptick in hate crimes all over the country, the continued human rights abuses at Standing Rock, & more recently, the death of Pauline Oliveros, I've had a difficult time focusing on much of anything. Every conversation is dominated by these subjects, & rightfully so. Now & for the next four years it will be incredibly important to pay attention & keep talking to each other. Not only to keep informed, but help each other process this new nightmare hellscape america.

On the music front there are only a few things to report. In the grand tradition of my friend CJ Boyd, we bought a ambulance to facilitate extended travel and touring in 2017. In the next couple of weeks I'll begin booking a run from Texas up to New York for March & April. I'll be playing some shows with Seth Chrisman to celebrate the release of our third duo record, Ogallala, out on Editions Littlefield in March.

A few nights ago, I couldn't sleep so I set up a subscription service on my bandcamp page. I have a few misgivings about offering the work that I make on a subscription basis. I don't like the thought of adding to anyone's monthly bills, & I know there are many more pressing issues that deserve your money. I'll be posting some archival recordings there in the next few days. If you have interest in formats like this, it's greatly appreciated. If not, I'll still be putting things out there for free and otherwise. Attempting to make a living from music is a constant push and pull between the ethics of Jamming Econo and pragmatism.

Thanks, as always. Don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm always available to mix/master, listen to your new tunes, check out your new work, talk politics, and anything else. Someone came up to me after a show a few days ago & told me that my music had been helping them. In my mind there's not a higher compliment. I want the work to be helpful.