Hi Everyone. The past month has felt like an entire year. We drove away from Oakland, almost immediately got stranded in Bakersfield, thought we were going to get stranded again in Las Cruces but finally made it to Texas. But now I've got my studio set up, I've finally got a window.

Moving out to rural Texas, I often get the response "oh you're going out to where the real Americans are. I do understand what is meant - that rural culture is the dominant icon of what America is about, assuming we intend to understand national identity in those terms. What bothers me about this is that we all lose by thinking about who we are & who the rest of America is in that way. Personally, I'm not interested in a national identity defined by borders and coercion by conservative parties corporate and political. Earth and Space over Nations and Borders.

I've been reading Jane Blocker's book about Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta & she touches on some of these issues when discussing Mendieta's relationship with Cuba. She writes "the nation is a symbolic rather than a geographic space and..[the] nation is produced performatively. The nation is imagined by the individual but produced in communion with others; it is both conceived in the mind and performed in the body." The Nation is foisted on us. Blocker's reading of Mendieta's earthworks struck me as relevant not only to my own work, but the work of my peers: "By searching for her roots in the earth and not in country, she can claim an identity anywhere."

In any case. In about a week I leave for tour - I'll be doing some solo shows, but the impetus is a string of dates with my good friend Seth Chrisman in celebration of our new release Ogallala. It'll be out March 15 via Full Spectrum, & we'll have copies on the road. On April 3, FS is releasing a collection of pieces that I made as a soundtrack to accompany Ryan LeCluyse's Under the Tree project. I'll have copies of that on the road as well. Looking forward to seeing some of you out there & seeing some new places. Dates are following, come and say hello if we're passing through.

Thanks as always. I appreciate everyone who responds to these things, I appreciate everybody who allows my work to play a role in their life, I appreciate everybody who shares their work with me, I appreciate everybody doing work that's powerful and honest. Keep fighting, keep your energy vital.