Maybe I'm just getting older, but I feel like the days are all getting shorter. 2k15 is absolutely packed, this past March in particular. It's incredibly satisfying to put in the work, I'm thankful to be doing what I do.

The band has been gearing up for some time on the road. There will be shows, & we'll be hanging out in the Texas panhandle for the month of April. We'd love to see you out there in the world, shoot me an email if you're nearby or come out to a show.

I've also had a couple of releases in March. My first solo guitar album came out on the 1st, and I released two re-worked gospel tunes commissioned by Aaron Canipe for his photo collection Plateau. I should have a limited number of the flexidiscs on hand for shows in April. Thanks as always for checking out the jams I'm kicking out.