I hope that your Supreme Focus 2k16 is continuing forward as you have hoped and planned. I think I say this every week, but this year has been seriously busy. I feel I've been unusually quiet in the Public Sphere sort of sense, but trust that a lot of building and growing is going on.

The big thing on my mind, & the impetus of this message is that I'm headed to Europe next week for about a month of shows. I'll be joining Common Eider, King Eider and Gabriel Salomon on the Throats of Ash tour for about three weeks. This music conjures spirits that are new to me, & I'm incredibly grateful to be a part of it. Please come out and say hi if we'll be close to you. After that I'll be playing a few shows on my own, you'll find the dates at the bottom of this message. We made a special very small run of tapes specifically for these shows. If there are any left over, I'll be putting them online, so watch out for that.

Besides getting ready for this tour, I've been working on new music with the Real Life Rock & Roll Band and writing a new AW Ensemble record. I'm also working on a solo record, conceptually a follow-up to Littlefield. That one is called Mojave Between Ludlow and Needles, acoustic guitar pieces composed using quasi-divinitory methods. Seth Chrisman & I are also working on another collaboration called Ogallala, named after the massive aquifer that runs from South Dakota to the Texas panhandle that the agricultural and ranching industries have depleted and poisoned with astonishing speed.