I guess that the monthly e-mail is a bi-monthly email. That pacing feels about right. The title of this one borrows from an art space created by Richard Brown in Littleton, NC. Richard assembled a vision of the future out of toys and scraps in the back of his flower shop in the NC Piedmont. There's not a sign or any indication at all that it's there - you have to visit his flower shop during working hours and ask to be let in.

Spaces like this are all over. It's become that one of my favorite things to do on the road is visit whatever I can find. Our world is increasingly placeless, so to be able to experience such a strong sense of being and habitation is a vital and necessary experience. I don't think that we give the increasingly interchangeable nature of our built environment the gravity it deserves. Just like it's vital to create our own musical and visual and textual culture outside of the mainstream, it's vital to create and engage with localized and idiosyncratic space.

Earlier in March, Full Spectrum reissued the debut cassette of Amarillo noise maker Lavatone. This initially came out in 1994 in an edition of 30 copies. When we started talking about this release, Lavatone gave me an original copy, which shows you how many people have heard this music previous to our reissue. Check it out, it's worth your time. While I was on tour with CJ Boyd, we did a series of interviews in the van about his ten years of permatour and his music. I've come to the conclusion that CJ's been on permatour for longer than his official ten years. We published that as a part of Real Life with Full Spectrum on radio.computer.

Coming up, I'll have a split with qualchan. out on April 13th through Austin's aescape sounds and fairly soon after a collection of guitar instrumentals called Guitar Man Whirligig through futurerecordings.

I've got a couple of shows this month: solo in Dallas, Tethers in Amarillo. Looking forward to all of them, as usual. I'm booking the west coast in June, let me know if you'd like me to come through your zone. I'm always open to mix & master your tunes, I've still got the bandcamp subscription going strong. Thanks for your time, let me know if you have any woodcarving tips.