I think my favorite holiday of all is New Years. For weeks around it everyone tells each other "Happy New Year" and I appreciate the constant reminder that time is always moving forward. In the past I've tried to convince friends to use "Happy New Year" as an everyday greeting but, uh, it hasn't worked yet. Keep Fighting 2k15 was a difficult year in a lot of ways, but I think we've come out at the end stronger. This year I've seen my family and friends work hard, crystallize where they want their future to go, and really make it happen. I'm proud of everybody, thanks. I'm truly looking forward to Supreme Focus 2k16 and to discovering everything it holds.

Usually I do some kind of recap of all of the work I've released at the end of year, but I don't think I'll do that this year. I put out a lot of new jams this year, please go check them out. In case you somehow missed me blabbing about it, the Big Record I did this year was Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything. Musicians always want to be included in year end lists and roundups, and I feel like Fuck Everybody was mostly overlooked in that regard. But you know what did happen is that the record was included in year end lists made by people that I consider friends. That important. I want to make jams to boost my friends and it makes me feel good to know the jams were meaningful to my people.

Thanks for this year everybody, I'm thankful for everyone that I crossed paths this year. If we didn't this year, I hope that we can in 2k16. I'll leave you with two things. You may have noticed that I made a new release available. It's called The Great Alameda Uncertainty. It's an AWE album that was never released, recorded at the end of my time at Mills, I hope you like it. My new group Andrew Weathers & the Real Life Rock & Roll Band is playing a show on January 2nd in San Francisco at Neck of the Woods. We'd love to see you there, we'll be playing all new jams.