It has been a fuck of a month. It's been a year since Ghost Ship and the death of Pauline Oliveros. The FCC is relaxing monopoly laws and doing away with Net Neutrality. The fate of the J20 protestors is still undecided. In my own personal zone, I have run away from two large dogs who wanted to bite me for some reason, nearly contracted bed bugs, and been told of a serious issue in the building by a stranger I had just met.

Don't take any of that as a complaint, though. I also had friends visit who I worked on music with, I've finally gotten back into a rhythm of writing and recording new music, and have made a lot of tangible progress on this very major renovation project. Life is a lot.

I wish I could remember where I read it, but there's a phrase that's stuck with me for many years that's been on my mind: "in a long enough time frame, conservatism is always wrong." It's a touchstone for my music, my politics, my life - as if those aren't all the same thing anyway. I try to hold myself to a standard of production, to be working on new work as much as possible, crank out record after record. But treading water isn't an option, there's no point in making something that I've already made.

Since moving out to Texas, I've had a lot of trouble making anything new. I've fiddled around some, but every old technique I'd developed has felt untrue & irrelevant. I have never felt quite so stuck before. I oscillate between being worried that maybe I'm done with music and feeling like it's ok to step away from it for a bit. I think I'm back on track now, but it's coming slow.

Anti-Gravity Bunny included Build A Mountain on their year-end "Not Metal and Not Drone" list. I always look forward to Justin's lists because he always is loving some music that I've never even heard of. I'm thankful to be included. Get in touch if you need mixing or mastering done, want to play a show, or talk the eventual collapse of capitalism as we know it, or anything else. Thanks for everything.